Sam Stubblefield: Why Designers Must Think Like Contrarians

A creative cannot but look at the world differently. It is part of the job.  

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Keep Large Teams on the Same Page…

Leslie Witt is Head of Design for Intuit's Small Business Design Group, a global team of 180 designers, researchers, developers, and writers.
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Building a Design-Driven Company

When Scott Cook cofounded Intuit, in 1983, many other companies were already offering software to help people track their finances.
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Gen Z Report

It's daunting to try to speak for one's generation, but it feels important to have the opportunity to explain ourselves.
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Nicholas Felton |

An excellent example of good information design, which aspires to uncover patterns and insights within the data and metadata of large and personal data sets.
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Winning Logic

Progressive disclosure of pre-mapped experiences (designed with user centric logic), ALWAYS win.
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Appropriate Sophistication

Janne Jul Jensen hits on the necessity of testing, and the importance of designing levels within a web site that are appropriate to degrees of user sophistication.
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Visual elements that designers can put in place to better communicate messages across all mobile applications.
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Defining a UX Design Strategy

Jim Kalbach, Principal UX Designer, Citrix

Using Design To Solve Business Problems
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Organization site search is still not working

Until organizations introduce processes that prioritize findability, then site search will continue to fail miserably.
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What Are "Nearables," And Why Is Ideo
So Excited About Them?

When entering a movie theater, for example, beacons could automatically silence your phone...
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The Story Straight About Beacons And
Apple's iBeacon System

Think of it as the combination of a hyperaccurate GPS coordinate or an IP address...
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Examining Responsive Navigation Patterns

Navigation Footer, Toggle, and Off Canvas Patterns
- Tuts+ Web Design Tutorials
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Organizational Alignment Is the Target
Outcome of UX Strategy

The proliferation of organizational silos often results in poor alignment between the business units and teams that should all have a hand in creating a unified experience for customers.
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The Best Interface is No Interface

Golden Krishna has worked for innovation labs at Samsung and Zappos to imagine, design, and build the future of technology.
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Design Thinking for Start-Ups

Design thinking. Design thinking is a broad topic. It includes empathy interviews, idea generation and rapid prototyping among other topics.
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"The perfect is the enemy of the good."

Principles Over Process: Four Core Tenets for How to Work as a Team of One
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UX Without User Research Is Not UX

UX teams are responsible for creating desirable experiences for users. Yet many organizations fail to include users in the development process. Without customer input, organizations risk creating interfaces that fail.
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Information Architecture

What you need, in order to create a good information architecture.
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Mental Models

What users believe they know about a UI strongly impacts how they use it. Mismatched mental models are common with designs that try something new.
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Quick Preview: Research and Design
for the UX Team of One

The User Experience Team of One - A Research and Design Survival Guide
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It's Time to Talk About Service Design

ZIBA Design: Effective design practice is always a collaboration.
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When left to their own devices in a new space without any sense of direction or purpose, many users can feel lost, overwhelmed, and confused about what they're supposed to be doing there.
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UX Thought

"You need to exercise creativity in order to generate creativity. No deposit, no return. This is how practicing Lean UX (over time), can become so profoundly equitable."  -Ted Johnson

Will the Real Introverts Please Stand Up?

Design Within. Common Misconceptions About Introversion.
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The Oberhäuser Interview

Excellence has a name... Martin Oberhäuser.
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Doing UX in an Agile World

Transparency, collaboration, and responsiveness are gaining momentum.
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Information Is Beautiful | Martin Oberhäuser
Information & Interface Design

"Design is not about making something look good or spectacular it's about finding the most efficient way to communicate information."
Martin Oberhäuser, Data Visualizer
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Improvisational Design

An amazing, and transformational read.
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A Computational Design Lead...
with Design Sense

Specifically, featuring "isometricblocks".
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Featuring: X-Plane

A great display of "Visual Thinking".
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Simply Put

UX Design is beautifully authenticated with this Chinese proverb...

"Tell me and I'll forget;
Show me and I may remember;
Involve me and I'll understand."

Progressive Disclosure

Revisiting an interaction design technique often used in human computer interaction to help maintain the focus of a user's attention by reducing clutter.
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The Next, Really UBER-BIG Thing...
How 1's and 0's are Advancing Medicine

Bioinformatics, using computational pattern-recognition... No reason why David Glazer, director of engineering at Google, would be interested?
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The Future of Information Dashboards | UX Magazine

Great ideas for Information Dashboards catering to the specific needs of Big Data. Last year was an awesome one for the data visualization industry. With more and more businesses realizing the value of data visualization...
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Steve Jobs conducting a presentation
in 1980 | YouTube

Watch vintage Steve Jobs footage on Apple. This is a rare 22 minute...
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UX vs UI vs IA vs IxD:
4 Confusing Digital Design Terms Defined

Once upon a time, if you said the word "design", the odds were overwhelmingly likely you were talking about graphic design. But nowadays, the digital world...
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War Rooms Are All The Rage

Google Ventures: Your Design Team Needs A War Room. Here's How To Set One Up
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